Mary & Norris: My New Favorite Corrie Couple

Mary and Norris are my new favorite couple. They are so funny together!

Bethany: If these pictures are supposed to be from different points in the past few years, I could use makeup to help you look your age at the time.
Craig: Genius!

Norris: If you want recent you better wipe all of that muck off and just leave her as she is. You know, all the blemishes and wrinkles.
Mary: While frowning, releases balloon she was blowing up into Norris’s face.

I love Mary and Norris on Corrie! When I first started watching Coronation Street, I would have never put these two together. Now that they are trying to compete for a “Round-the-World” Trip as a “married couple,” I can’t imagine them apart. 

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