Emmerdale: Moira Barton, My Spirit Woman

Moira Barton is my spirit-woman! Any woman who can deliver a head butt without guilt, deserves praise!

In our current “Drumpf-Climate,” it’s getting harder to deal with the stupidity and hatred coming out from every corner. Some of it is blatant. Some of it is hidden by a polite tone and smile. When Moira Barton head-butted Charity Dingle, it made my day!

I just started watching Emmerdale a few weeks ago along with other British Soaps. Many of your U.S. soaps have been canceled, so it’s been awhile since I have watched soaps regularly. Moira Barton is a refreshing character with spirit.

Her head-butt would be assault in real life. However, at that moment in the fictional town of Emmerdale, Moira did what we all wish we could do…guilt-free. 

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