One Cat Household: Do I Really Need a Second Cat?

I have come to realize that somewhere there must be a “universal cat owners” book. In that book, there has to be a chapter on single cat owners or the one cat household. I imagine that chapter to be one-paragraph long with the last line stating, “See the chapter on owning more than one cat.” Why would a seasoned cat owner, let alone a new cat owner want to own only one cat?

Well, based on what I have read, having one cat is the cardinal sin of the cat owners club. I am that single cat owner. I am trying to resist the cat owner peer pressure to add another cat family member.

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The Light and Joy of the Weekend…

I welcome the beautiful fall weather. However, the early darkness due to Daylight Savings Time (DST) has been a challenge. There is nothing worse than leaving school at 5:30 pm and walking into the darkness. It makes me feel as if my day is suddenly over. As if my personal goals did not matter for that day.

This is why I love the light and freedom of the weekend. When I enter the weekend I see the possibilities, the joy, and the light that I miss during the week. I do not see the weekend as two days. I see it as a gift of regeneration that allows me to embrace the Monday of the new week. So, even with DST, I see the possibilities of fall and winter weekends.

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