Relaxation Is…

Relaxation is coming home after work and having your glass(es) of Prosecco… IN PEACE!

Some of you need to realize there’s a “Wine O’Clock Time” after work. That means your mess isn’t important for the two hours I need to enjoy my Prosecco. Don’t interrupt my peace!

Cheers to our sacred time everyone!!! #WineOClockTime

Trying Out The Odin Project: #100DaysOfCode

Finally! I’m back to coding this weekend. My last two weekends were devoted to report cards and report card comments. Now that all 63 of my elementary students have their reports, I can focus on me. So this weekend I will be working on my JavaScript tutorials and looking through the Odin Project. I hope the different perspective will help me retain more of the JavaScript concepts.

Either way, I’m so happy to be coding this weekend!

Signature in Burgundy cursive spelling out T. Lanette.

EastEnders Is Heating Up— Kate Oates Style

Yasssss! I knew if we could get #KateOates she would start handling her business on #EastEnders right away!! This??is ??the ??excitement ??we ??need ??! I’m already loving the combination of Oates and #JonSen! #Countdown2KateOatesFebruary — BovaryCee ♋️??? (@BovarysComplnt) January 27, 2019 I remember when I first heard that Kate …