Sukeve: Finally The Love Story We’ve Waited For! (EastEnders)

You have Eve who came out as a young adult trying to love Suki who’s hid her true self away for so long.


Finally EastEnders has given us the couple we’ve been asking for: Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace). I have been asking for more representation of gay women relationships since 2020 after the Pride episode aired. They hid Bernie away for a year after using her in the episode. Then when she did start dating Mollie, her surrogacy for Rainie and Stuart ended her relationship. The show killed off Tina Carter. You can’t claim the message and diversity of Pride if you only represent one type of LGBTQ relationship.

Now, four months away from 2023, we are FINALLY seeing a Lesbian relationship blossom. Suki’s journey towards accepting her true sexuality is finally being explored.

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Friday Night: Retwisting & Relaxing

🤦🏾‍♀️ I was relaxing drinking my @highnoonsunsips Passion Fruit when my baby boy cat Mozeley decides to lazily jump off my coffee table pushing my notebooks/stuff to the side & knocking over my glass. Perfectly good drink on the carpet. He’s fortunate he’s so cute and that I had other cans available. 😄


Mozeley is adorable. I’ve always wanted a black cat, and he is perfect. Yes he spilled my drink, but he’s still my “Boo”.

Shinxley & Mozeley: Window Issues

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted. I finally went on my trip to the United Kingdom after booking it in 2019 (Summer 2020 departure). I toured England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland for 18 days for my birthday. (Actually it was my 52nd, 53rd, and 54th birthday present.) It was fabulous! However, I returned home to a thriving heat wave and awful humidity. Although my babies had the luxury of air conditioning while I was gone and when I returned, they still love sitting in their windows. Today we finally achieved that goal. It was cool enough to open the windows and just use my ceiling fan. Although they don’t talk, their faces show their displeasure.

  • two cats on couch
  • two cats on the couch
  • brown tabby cat lying on top of chair near window
  • black cat lying in kitchen window

I found a new binge-worthy show on the ID channel on SlingTVEvil Lives Here. When I am computer coding, I prefer to have the television shows as my background noise. I usually watch British crime or mystery shows. Lately I’ve started watching real life drama. I’ve already watched Fear Thy Neighbor. Afterward I started being more aware of my neighbors. Now, this show talks about living with people who have evil in their souls. The first episode of Season 2 talked about a young man who started hurting and trying to kill his siblings at an early age. The parents knew then their son “wasn’t right”. As a teacher, I’ve met kids that have been wired differently where they don’t have any amount of empathy for other humans 😳 …Anyway, back to the show.

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