Sukeve Chronicles: EastEnders 09272022

Everything about last night’s scenes were great. I’m glad that Suki told Eve about Ranveer’s attack. Eve gave Suki unconditional support, even apologizing for trying to push Suki to go to the police. The ladies are building a friendship which will give #Sukeve’s relationship strength as Suki struggles to come out. She knows she can trust Eve and that will be important when Nishandeep Panesar comes to Walford. I also like his Eve is wary of Ravi. She knows something isn’t right about him.

Suki & Eve (Sukeve) Chronicles: EastEnders 09262022

I thought yesterday’s episode was awesome! We got to see our ladies, Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), continue their storyline and blossoming love affair. Suki’s still struggling with her secret about Ranveer’s death and his attempted sexual assault. Eve is still watching over Suki concerned about her behavior.

What stood out for me was that Eve is still emotionally connected to Suki even though she decided to keep her distance. Suki wasn’t ready to come out, so Eve walked away. However, she didn’t get very far.

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Target®️ & Their Plus-Size Phobia

Target is not at the top of my list as places to shop for clothes. However, there was a time when I would go there often. Years ago the store had a decent sized section for plus-sized women. Now, that section has gotten smaller and is usually placed very close to maternity. I know I can order plus sized clothes online. However, it’s obnoxious that Target has a massive section for smaller sized women’s clothing while leaving plus-sized customers with bits and pieces at their stores.

What do you think about Target’s lack of plus-sized clothing in their stores?

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