Sometimes… Boomerang

Sometimes when the world (or the USA) doesn’t make sense, all that’s left is Boomerang

I just love the Loony Toons! They make sense with their literature and time period references. Bugs Bunny and the gang always helped me “gut-laugh” when I needed it most.

Cartoons are the stress releasers we need. My dad watched them before he went to work. I remember hearing him laughing while I was getting ready for school. I didn’t fully appreciate his morning cartoon routine then. I get it now.

I realize that I need more moments of laughter. My work stress will never change. ( It hasn’t for 26 years.) So, I need to change how I manage that stress.

Bugs Bunny may not be the final answer. However, he may lead me back to the path of my toon joy! Signature in Burgundy cursive spelling out T. Lanette.

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