Surprise: The New Meaningless Word

If there was a “Word of the Year” contest, “surprise” would win overwhelmingly. People are still surprised we have a White Supremacist in the White House. Some women and men are surprised that a Supreme Court Nominee has been given a pass for rape allegations.

Best of all, there was a man on Twitter who was surprised and amazed that women supported tRump.

I pointed out it was 53% White Women who supported him. I also said they would probably support him in 2020 if he wasn’t impeached. He said I was being mean against women. I told him I was a woman, and I was being truthful.

So, why should anyone be surprised that some women have also excused and supported a man who allegedly committed sexual assault? They supported a president who openly talked about grabbing women inappropriately. I’m not Surprised…

On November 9, 2016, I was shocked. Since then I haven’t wasted energy on being surprised. Besides, we’re two years into his first presidential term. (That’s right, I said it out loud.) There’s nothing left to be surprised about.

Everyone knew what was coming. Yet, some embraced this new racist sexist bigoted regime. Others thought he would change while in office. (Yeah, right!) But you shouldn’t be surprised. In fact, if you still use that word to describe the chaos in America, you haven’t paid attention.

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