My FrontEnd Mentor Challenge: Pricing Component with a Toggle Switch

Frontend Mentor has been one of my favorite resources to use to practice my web development skills. So far I have completed 10 challenge projects. My latest project, Pricing Component with Toggle Switch, was a great opportunity to practice my Vanilla JavaScript skills. I needed to create a toggle switch that changed the monthly prices to the yearly prices.

I tried a few new techniques. I used the before and after pseudocode to place labels to the sides of the toggle switch. I also added the background images as their own svg elements and positioned them separately. This was a Junior Level project. The link for my version of the design is below.

Pricing Component with Toggle Switch

Sunday Coding: Trying to Make Peace with JavaScript

Today was another beautiful day in my neighborhood. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and I had time for a short walk. Then I went back to my main task for the weekend—trying to make peace with JavaScript. I’ve been reading books (JavaScript for Kids, JavaScript & JQuery, and JavaScript Grammar). In addition to working, I’ve been working through tutorials on FreeCodeCamp, Wes Bos’s website, and Udemy. At this point, I only have one question…

What will it take to help me understand and retain JAVASCRIPT? Why aren’t the functions, objects, and arrays sticking to my brain?

I feel as if the information is in my brain. However, it’s lying there like an organized mess. Just when I think I understand how to solve a problem, my mind becomes blank. I realize I need to be patient, but… I’M LOSING MY JAVASCRIPT PATIENCE!

I would love to hear how other coders made it through learning JavaScript.

  1. How did you make sure the concepts stuck in your brain?
  2. What worked better for you— tutorials, reading books, or both?
  3. Are there specific concepts I should focus on first instead of reviewing multiple concepts?

I would appreciate any guidance, help, and useful tips that anyone can offer. I will continue working on my tutorials and reading all of my resources. I just hope in time I will be more comfortable with JavaScript as I am with HTML and CSS.

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