How to Fix the Woocommerce Plugin Fatal Error 

I have been having problems with the Fatal Error “White Screen” for a while on my website. It’s been an annoying problem when I’m trying to update and maintain my website. As usual, I went to Google to see about a fix for the WordPress and WooCommerce errors. After searching, I found a solution in a post listed 2 years ago. 

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I finally got a chance to code this past weekend! The last time I coded was in August before school started. Since then I would look at my GitHub and get stressed about not filling up my green activity squares ? . It felt so good to focus on HTML and CSS instead of lesson plans.

I’m getting close to finishing my Landing Page project (FreeCodeCamp). I know I’ve said that before. However, it’s taken longer than I expected. Since my last post about my page, I’ve erased and restarted at least three times.  I get so caught up on color schemes and animation, that I stray away from my main task. I need to focus on the User Story and demonstrate my current skills. Eventually, I will be able to code a webpage with a parallax image. When the time is right, I will master the interesting animation techniques. But for now, I just need a page that includes a video, a place to insert email, and a fixed top navbar. 

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