Letting Go of My Locks

Blue bag with cut dreadlocks

Today was like most Sundays except… I had to cut my dreadlocks for the fifth plus time. (I’ve had them so often, I’ve lost count.) I had to let them go. My hair wasn’t responding well to my medication.

See, besides my depression medication, I’m also taking five more medications for my Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Add to that my grown woman age of 50 and… My hair needed a rest. As I cut each lock, I could hear a soft voice from my hair saying, “Thank you…”

Perspective: A Hateful Word

Actually, I don’t really hate the word “perspective.” I just have a problem with hearing it every day. I have a problem with the word being applied to every situation… Ok, I hate the word. There have been other words thrown at me over the years. However, when another human …