Friday Night: A Little Templar with My Wine

 I Didn’t Know Templars Made Wine!

Hi friends. Thanks for keeping up with me. This Daylight Savings Time has thrown me off. When you add the changing weather in New Jersey (20 degrees one day, 60 degrees the next), my writing mojo has been nonexistent 

Anyway, last Friday after work I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a small wine tasting at my local liquor store. It had been a long week at work. I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. That included my go-to Yellowtail wine. I have been a fan of Yellowtail for awhile. However, I am always open to new options. A nice gentleman introduced me to Portuguese wine called Hernades Dos Templários Red. In fact, it was a wine made by the Knights Templar

Portuguese wine
A Friday night with Michael Jecks and Herdade Dos Templários.

According to the gentleman, it had the taste of berries (I did taste the berries). The taste also wasn’t overpowering as some red wines could be (those are my ocservations). The best part, the bottle was priced under $10.00. Another reason I enjoyed this wine: it reminded me that I needed to get back to Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Simon Puttock.

Furnshill and Puttock are the heroes of Jeck’s Knights Templar mysteries. I have read and enjoyed Jecks’s books during the last few years. It seemed appropriate that a wine would fit well with his books. It was also the gentle reminder I needed to finally start The Templar, The Queen, and Her Lover. 

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