EastEnders Is Heating Up— Kate Oates Style

Yasssss! I knew if we could get #KateOates she would start handling her business on #EastEnders right away!! This??is ??the ??excitement ??we ??need ??! I’m already loving the combination of Oates and #JonSen! #Countdown2KateOatesFebruary pic.twitter.com/FaanaKB3vI — BovaryCee ♋️??? (@BovarysComplnt) January 27, 2019 I remember when I first heard that Kate …

Sorting Out Mick and Linda Carter (EastEnders)

I’ve been waiting for this side of Mick since I started watching #EastEnders again. Now he’s the tough man they kept referring to. This version of Mick would’ve handled Aidan Maguire much better. — BovaryCee ♋️??? (@BovarysComplnt) September 28, 2018 I have been waiting to see the “tough” Mick Carter …

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