Love Me some Stuart! (EastEnders)

Yassss!!! I have no problem saying it! I’ve loved Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) since his shuffle and his “Old School” sweats entered Walford Square. Just to be clear…

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EastEnders Is Heating Up— Kate Oates Style

I remember when I first heard that Kate Oates was leaving Coronation Street. That’s when I started to pray that Oates would come to EastEnders. I kept hearing from my fellow fans that it wouldn’t happen. That Oates was still tied to ITV. Then the announcement came…


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Sharon Mitchell: Alone (EastEnders)

Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) doesn’t know when she has a good thing! She has all the money she could ask for–money for her home, her extensions, her nails– lifestyle money! She has a husband, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who loves her and keeps her in that lifestyle. So, why mess it up by sleeping and getting her “Freak On” with 19-year old Keanu Mitchell (Danny Walters)? Instead of thinking about who Sharon should be with, I think we should see Mrs. Mitchell spend some hard time alone

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