What is Aaron Monroe Hiding? (EastEnders)

A phone with a text that will erase after 5 seconds… Leaving quickly after calls from a person named Gemma… Washing blood off his hands as he tells his dad he’s found the perfect woman…


It’s only been four EastEnders episodes, but I’m determined to find out what Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham) is hiding. He arrived in Albert Square in a flashy suit. The next minute, he was waving cash around and drinking champagne at the Queen Vic. His dad, Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman), mentioned that Aaron worked in finance and had a fancy London flat. Dana said something about his job being at a lower level. But is that really the case? Aaron told Tiffany Butcher-Baker (Maisie Smith) he works in “Logistics”. 😳 So what details, people, and information is Aaron in charge of handling? (See Merriam-Webster definition for logistics.)

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Love Me some Stuart! (EastEnders)

Yassss!!! I have no problem saying it! I’ve loved Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) since his shuffle and his “Old School” sweats entered Walford Square. Just to be clear…

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EastEnders Is Heating Up— Kate Oates Style

I remember when I first heard that Kate Oates was leaving Coronation Street. That’s when I started to pray that Oates would come to EastEnders. I kept hearing from my fellow fans that it wouldn’t happen. That Oates was still tied to ITV. Then the announcement came…


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