When I stare at Mozeley in his box, in his comfy place, I’m reminded of why I like being at home. My home is my happy place. It’s the place where I can decompress and re-energize after a long week at school with students and colleagues.

More importantly, I will always be amazed at how my cats can make even the tiniest of spaces look very comfortable.

Shinxley & Mozeley: Window Issues

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted. I finally went on my trip to the United Kingdom after booking it in 2019 (Summer 2020 departure). I toured England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland for 18 days for my birthday. (Actually it was my 52nd, 53rd, and 54th birthday present.) It was fabulous! However, I returned home to a thriving heat wave and awful humidity. Although my babies had the luxury of air conditioning while I was gone and when I returned, they still love sitting in their windows. Today we finally achieved that goal. It was cool enough to open the windows and just use my ceiling fan. Although they don’t talk, their faces show their displeasure.

  • two cats on couch
  • two cats on the couch
  • brown tabby cat lying on top of chair near window
  • black cat lying in kitchen window

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