Sukeve Chronicles: EastEnders 10.06.2022

Just a few of my thoughts

When I see Suki and Eve, that’s two humans trying to find love, romance, and connection. They just happen to be two women.


I’ve read on Twitter about how the #Sukeve storyline has touched other viewers including women who identify proudly as Queer/LGBT. I have always said that this representation was missing from EastEnders. I’m glad that after three years of less than adequate representation that we now have Suki and Eve’s relationship on the screen. Their storyline has also touched me personally as a heterosexual woman.

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Sukeve Chronicles: EastEnders 09272022

Everything about last night’s scenes were great. I’m glad that Suki told Eve about Ranveer’s attack. Eve gave Suki unconditional support, even apologizing for trying to push Suki to go to the police. The ladies are building a friendship which will give #Sukeve’s relationship strength as Suki struggles to come out. She knows she can trust Eve and that will be important when Nishandeep Panesar comes to Walford. I also like his Eve is wary of Ravi. She knows something isn’t right about him.

Suki & Eve (Sukeve) Chronicles: EastEnders 09262022

I thought yesterday’s episode was awesome! We got to see our ladies, Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), continue their storyline and blossoming love affair. Suki’s still struggling with her secret about Ranveer’s death and his attempted sexual assault. Eve is still watching over Suki concerned about her behavior.

What stood out for me was that Eve is still emotionally connected to Suki even though she decided to keep her distance. Suki wasn’t ready to come out, so Eve walked away. However, she didn’t get very far.

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Sukeve: Finally The Love Story We’ve Waited For! (EastEnders)

You have Eve who came out as a young adult trying to love Suki who’s hid her true self away for so long.


Finally EastEnders has given us the couple we’ve been asking for: Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace). I have been asking for more representation of gay women relationships since 2020 after the Pride episode aired. They hid Bernie away for a year after using her in the episode. Then when she did start dating Mollie, her surrogacy for Rainie and Stuart ended her relationship. The show killed off Tina Carter. You can’t claim the message and diversity of Pride if you only represent one type of LGBTQ relationship.

Now, four months away from 2023, we are FINALLY seeing a Lesbian relationship blossom. Suki’s journey towards accepting her true sexuality is finally being explored.

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