Missing the beauty of Canne right now…

I took this during my first trip to France. It was love at first sight (I swore I was in love with the U.K.). So beautiful, so peaceful, so serene…I miss it. 

Only one book…

I have read only one book out of 15 for my Goodreads Challenge, and my summer vacation is almost over. That means I have 14 more before December 31. (Once school starts, teaching gets in the way of my recreational reading.)  I had so much time to accomplish my summer goals (reading …

Mozeley & Shinxley: Relaxing as an Artform


DIY: Wine Corks in Garden Planters

Wine Corks used as mulch for outside planters. I used rubber wine corks. Fortunately, I had saved them for over 1.5 years.


Vertigo: When My World Turned Upside Down (A Cautionary Tale)

I had my world turned upside down 2.5 months ago…It was the scariest moment of my life.

Why Fox News Has an Issue with Memory Loss

So this morning, I was greeted by this on my Facebook news feed. Fox News is saying that President Obama did not capture Bin Laden. This “pundit” (I won’t call him a reporter) wants to credit Bush. 

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