Recipe Share: Keto Egg, Sausage, and Cheese Casserole

Healthy Keto Low Carb Breakfast Casserole Recipe with Sausage and Cheese – Gluten Free

A gluten-free low carb breakfast casserole recipe with sausage and cheese – just 6 ingredients! This keto sausage, egg and cheese casserole without bread is easy to customize with vegetables, too.
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It’s a new year, and my new attempt to improve my health. I’ve been thinking about trying a Keto-based eating plan. That means, I have new recipes to try. I found this one online and tried it this morning. It came out ok for my first try. There were a few changes that I made to the recipe:

  • First I cut the recipe in half. I used 6 eggs instead of 12 and about 4 links of large sausage;
  • I added frozen peppers and cut-leaf spinach instead of broccoli;
  • I also used shredded parmesan cheese instead of cheddar. I will definitely use sharp cheddar for the next time;
  • Finally, it took about 50-55 minutes to cook. Thirty minutes was not enough time for me.

I might also use a little more seasoning next time (curry and/or cayenne pepper). I used Grill Mates Roasted Garlic and Herb and Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb. Happy Eating!

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I’m definitely adding these pancakes to my “Must Try” list.

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