A New Year’s Resolution …

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

Author Unknown

Starting my New Year’s off with the good luck of collard greens (soon to be sautéed with garlic and olive oil). I wanted to wish everyone a healthy and Happy New Year!

May your resolutions and goals come true!


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3 Easy Christmas Card Door Displays

How do you display your Christmas cards during the holidays?

Happy Sunday everyone!  Now that the rush and energy of the Christmas holiday are drifting away, I wanted to share another favorite Christmas memory. This one involves Christmas cards.   

My nana always taped her Christmas cards to her dining room entryway. Every Christmas card she received had a place of honor. It was simple, yet festive. It is still a tradition in my home today. I use my living room closet door for my display. 

Christmas Card Display Made Easy

My grandmother had the right idea. All she needed was tape and time. If you are like me, you have DIY intentions (sure you can recreate the picture in the magazine) that turn into a “Do It Quick” (DIQ) reality (time gets away from you). I totally understand. 

ChristmasCardDoorThese are cards (above) that I received from students, family, friends, and neighbors. I am always amazed at the pictures and the messages from my students. (I am a support teacher. So, I am also humbled by the amount of gift and cards I receive.) Since I did not put up a Christmas tree this year (too tempting for my Shinxley and Mozeley), this was a nice compromise. 

After decorating my door, I was curious. I wanted to see if other people put their cards on their doors. My research turned up only a few door displays. Most Christmas card displays, which were beautiful, involved a lot of craft work. Anyway, in honor of my nana, I thought I would share two of the displays that I found. 

The first display was on the blog ItsThreeThirty.com. This was first posted in 2014. Her simple display is eye-catching. It also shows how many people are sending photo cards for the holidays. There is something comforting about the closeness of the cards.


The next display was originally posted in 2007 on the blog The Diaper Diaries. This reminded me of my grandmother’s door. The only difference is the size of the entryway. (And the colors because the only neutral palette back then was white.) Those cards in the entryway were another happy sign that Christmas was near. 


Do you display your Christmas cards on your doors or entryways? I would love to hear about your “low-prep, DIQ” displays! 


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