My New Favorite, Part 1: Bearpaw Slippers

I haven’t worn slippers since my 20s. That last pair looked like colorful puffy sneakers. When I was a teenager I had some fluffy animal-shaped slippers (I don’t even remember what the animal was). After I lost interest in those sneaker slippers, I started to just wear socks around the house. That is until I found BearPaw slippers.

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Stop Asking Me to Be the Better Person

C: I sent you the email because I thought you were the bigger person…

Me: Well I’m not the bigger person because I’m tired


Well, I’m not the bigger person because I’m tired. I told her to send that “Bigger Person” email to the man who wrote the hostile email. That’s right in this year and a half of Covid19, I’m tired of worrying about other peoples’ feelings. When will someone be concerned about my feelings? In fact, when will someone stick up for Black Women? If you come for me, I will come back at you with both barrels of petty. I AM TIRED!

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Chocolate chocolate chip muffins in a container

I’ve had a taste for double chocolate chip muffins for the past three months. I used to buy them at my town bagel shop. Then I felt guilty about the calories (and money), so I decided to bake my own. Simple Mills was the first almond flour-based mix I have ever tried. Instead of water, I used almond milk (another new item in my refrigerator). Then I added dark chocolate chips. These muffins have been my favorite breakfast and dessert treat.

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