My healthy hosta and wine corks as mulch in my hanging plant.

I have so many wine corks, I might as well put them to good use. I’m thinking about using them on my indoor plants 🪴. 🤔

Signature in Burgundy cursive spelling out T. Lanette.

My High School Life Lesson

Describe something you learned in high school.

Whew!!! Where should I start? 😳 Well, I hated high school for many reasons including my mother who loved saying “No” to the teachers who only focused on the kids they thought wouldn’t graduate. The one major thing I learned is that every child, kid, teen needs guidance to keep learning.

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I finally decided to purchase the audiobook of Spare after reading and hearing excerpts on Twitter. Best decision! Now I can get the whole story in his words with his voice. I haven’t listened to an audiobook in years. I prefer to read from my Kindle or a paperback in my bed at night. Now my 10 minute drive to and from work includes Prince Harry. I just finished the chapter where he learned his mom had died. 😢

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