My New Favorite, Part 1: Bearpaw Slippers

I haven’t worn slippers since my 20s. That last pair looked like colorful puffy sneakers. When I was a teenager I had some fluffy animal-shaped slippers (I don’t even remember what the animal was). After I lost interest in those sneaker slippers, I started to just wear socks around the house. That is until I found BearPaw slippers.

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Too Soon!

Luke Perry, Dead at 52 from massive stroke…Keith Flint (Prodigy), Dead at 49 from completed suicide…Gone too soon…


I couldn’t believe it when I heard this news last Sunday. Two young men who were part of my adult culture, gone. Their death was too soon and at a young age. Perry was only two years older than me. Flint was a year younger.

Too many of us are dying from stress and troubles too young. We have every modern convenience to make our lives easier. There are medical advances to help us live longer. Yet, lately, I’m reading about young people dying from late-in-life diseases and the effects of mental illness.

It’s just too soon!

Open sunflower to the sun

Hijacked by the “White Screen of Death!”

Dark Skinned Black Woman with locs saying seriously about being locked out of her website by the White Screen of Death. How can a weekend that started with a 1.5-hour massage and a relaxing graduation party end up crappy? Well, thanks to the “White Screen of Death” my relaxing weekend turned into an endless puzzle. First, let me say that my blog silence was not planned this weekend. It happened because I was locked out of my site on Sunday. It wasn’t an abrupt lockout, but a slow, gradual, royal “pain-in-the-ass” lockout. There were no large blinking words on the screen saying, “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED!” Instead, I was greeted with the “White Screen of Death” and a small “http_ 500” error message. Even worse was that I watched the whole episode happen in slow motion. I didn’t realize what the outcome would be, but I knew something wasn’t right.  Continue reading “Hijacked by the “White Screen of Death!””

Silence as Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is any type of abuse that is not physical in nature. It can include everything from verbal abuse to the silent treatment…Beverly Engel

My ex-husband (EH) left July 2013. He took his clothing, laptop, tablet, and the silent treatment I had endured for the last two years of our marriage. It’s taken this long for me to admit how much his silence and lack of touch affected me. I can admit that we were both responsible for the end of our marriage. However, I tried counseling, I tried understanding. He stuck with silence and withholding intimacy. One person can’t save a marriage, especially when they are being emotionally abused Continue reading “Silence as Emotional Abuse”

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