BingeBuzz: Say I Do (Netflix)

I needed a show like this today. In fact, I have needed it since March when our COVID-19 Lockdown started. It has been a struggle for me to maintain my mood while teaching from home. Since I live with depression, the change in my routine has been a challenge for me. That’s why I was ready to embrace the spirit and joy from Say I Do (Netflix).

This bridal show is about couples who have gone through adversity in their lives and have reached the point where they are ready to get married. Three fabulous and creative gentlemen help them reach their matrimonial goals:

  • Thai Nguyen: Custom Bridal/Suit Designer;
  • Jeremiah Brent: Decor/Interior Designer;
  • Gabriele Bertaccini: Chef/Caterer.

What makes this show unique from other bridal shows is that all three gentlemen share their life experiences and lessons to help these couples embrace and enjoy their special day. I also loved the diversity of the couples that were highlighted.

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