Rescue Thursday: Bullet (Eleventh Hour Rescue)

I love rescue animals! Although my home is filled with two cats who live in luxury, I am a “dog-girl” at heart. I had my German Shepherd, Sheba, for fourteen years. She was my best friend when I was 14. She would share pretzel logs with me and had a passion for peanuts. I hope to have a dog one day, but until then I will share other dogs and cats who need loving homes. If you are in NJ, take at look at Eleventh Hour Rescue.

Hi Everyone! Bullet is still with us. He is approx 2 years old, neutered & UTD on shots. He appears to be an Anatolian Shepard/Retriever mix?? He arrived in NJ heartworm positive, but has since completed his treatment over a month ago. He is doing well. His personality has been able to really flourish since his activity is no longer restricted. He is such a sweet, loyal boy. He LOVES attention… 

Black cat first snow

Cats have a way of showing you what to focus on and what to be amazed by.

I have a feeling this will not be his only snow of the season. He appeared so fascinated by the sounds, smells, and the “white stuff” inside our doorway. I even held him so he could see the wind blow outside the screen door during the storm

Sometimes I forget that my cats still have their “firsts.” His first was another moment for me to slow down and enjoy the beauty. Cat owners understand.   


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