My Sun-Kissed Mozeley

I love watching my baby cat Mozeley lying in the window. He reminds me that being still is the best way to calm down. I needed this moment after this week of uncertainty with Coronavirus.

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Cats Know…

I have two cat kids— Shinxley, the older lady and Mozeley, my baby boy Black cat. Any cat owner knows that cats are in tune to everything. They know EVERYTHING. Shinxley also has an addiction to treats. So, I could be interpreting her need for a fix as caring for me. Either way, I know in our home, they will always check (meow) to make sure I’m there. (I have a bodyguard outside of my bathroom.) That’s what cats do. They want to know if the humans that serve them are nearby.

So, for this Christmas Season, give your cats an extra pet, an extra treat, or an extra toy. They know you are their life source even if they can’t call 911 or 999 if you are injured. However, they will be there to lick your leg so you can feed them the next day.

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