My Never-ending Safe Shelter-In-Place

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I’ve lost count of how many days we’ve been in our Covid19 Shelter-In-Place. That’s what I call our current situation because it reminds me of our “Shelter-In-Place” drills at school. I know I can leave home, but I don’t want to leave. In the United States, our Covid19 prevention is mixed with the wannabe authoritarian politics of TrumpTwat.

Most of our country has not been under lockdown. I’m fortunate that I live in a state with a sane Democratic governor. (Had this happened with Chris Crispy, there would be even more chaos.) He’s taking the information from scientists and doctors seriously. However, there are still a few Covidiots in our state who refuse to believe the virus exists. Some of them live next door to me. They are the reason I stay inside.

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Screw Being Calm

Sigh…Every day I read another story about a racist harassing the Black people as they live their daily lives. Whether it’s a middle-aged White man with high shorts threatening a pregnant black woman or a ditzy blonde White woman harassing a worker at Dollar General, there’s always someone trying to help Black people understand they shouldn’t be living. Once the story shows up on Twitter, one of the first sentences I see in the comments from well-meaning White People are, “I’m so amazed at how calm they are [with this racist]” or “ I can’t believe how calm they were with that bad person!“ (I won’t even go into the advice they start to give about how much taping we should do and the proper authorities the call.)

“Not-All” Disclaimer: Yes these comments may have come from Black people as well. However, based on what’ve I’ve seen personally, most of the time it’s from white people.

Bitmoji Black Woman with Dreadlocks tossing her desk out of frustration after reading too many "calm" comments.

When I see these comments it makes me angry. You have a racist person attacking a Black person going about their day, and the first thing you notice is how calm the victim appears? Do you understand how stupid that sounds? There are reasons we need to remain calm. That doesn’t mean we’re not angry inside. 

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Starbucks Coffee Boycott: Why We Need to Reclaim Safe Spaces

I thought the Syrian Airstrikes would be the news highlight from last week. Sadly, I was wrong. Two Black gentlemen, who were minding their business while waiting for a friend at Starbucks, were arrested for…minding their business while waiting for their friend! I had to say it twice because I still can’t believe it.

They were arrested at a Starbucks Coffee in Philadelphia, PA for sitting at a table and waiting for a friend!

The manager appeared to be threatened enough by these two gentlemen sitting and waiting, that he or she decided to call the police. The police then appeared to agree with the manager and decided to arrest the men for…SITTING AND WAITING! Continue reading “Starbucks Coffee Boycott: Why We Need to Reclaim Safe Spaces”

[Archive] This is American Racism 

It’s only been 52 years since Jim Crow intimidation was made illegal with the Voter’s Rights Act.

I got tired of reading the “This isn’t America” posts on Twitter. In fact, by the Saturday evening, I wanted to throw my computer across the room. We had just witnessed horrible acts of White Supremacist domestic terrorism, yet some people were acting as if racism dropped out the sky Friday morning. Continue reading “[Archive] This is American Racism “

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