Silence as Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is any type of abuse that is not physical in nature. It can include everything from verbal abuse to the silent treatment…Beverly Engel

My ex-husband (EH) left July 2013. He took his clothing, laptop, tablet, and the silent treatment I had endured for the last two years of our marriage. It’s taken this long for me to admit how much his silence and lack of touch affected me. I can admit that we were both responsible for the end of our marriage. However, I tried counseling, I tried understanding. He stuck with silence and withholding intimacy. One person can’t save a marriage, especially when they are being emotionally abused Continue reading “Silence as Emotional Abuse”

[Archive] Quote: Microaggressions Chipping Away at My Soul

I’m so tired of these daily microaggressions chipping away at my soul. Your prejudice, racism, and insecurity shouldn’t be part of my daily existence. –T.Lanette

Originally published September 28, 2017

Four and a half months later, I still feel the same way. In fact, I think these situations have increased during the last few months. Microaggressions aren’t always the words that people say out loud. Words are easier to document and fight against. It’s the actions that are more difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

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[Archive] This is American Racism 

It’s only been 52 years since Jim Crow intimidation was made illegal with the Voter’s Rights Act.

I got tired of reading the “This isn’t America” posts on Twitter. In fact, by the Saturday evening, I wanted to throw my computer across the room. We had just witnessed horrible acts of White Supremacist domestic terrorism, yet some people were acting as if racism dropped out the sky Friday morning. Continue reading “[Archive] This is American Racism “

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