The Older I Get, I Need to Be Still

Picture with quote about doing nothing the older I get

Good evening everyone.

Moments of clarity come when you least expect them. I work with young children, so those moments often come at school. When I returned from winter break, my students had many questions about my vacation. They would ask me what I did or where I traveled. (The students I work with have traveled frequently and visited locations I have only experienced as an adult. Their normal is traveling during vacation breaks.) My answer would always be: 

  1. I did nothing;
  2. I traveled to [my hometown]. 

The reaction from my “little friends” to number 1 is priceless. They appear to be ok that I did not travel. However, when I said that I did “nothing,” my students stared at me as if I was crazy. That is when I explained that as I get older, I enjoy doing nothing at home. 

In fact, I look forward to spending my weekends at home free from outside activities. I will admit that I do more activities during the summer. During the school year, the weekends are my time to decompress from my weekly human interaction (young children interaction). 

I saw this Someecard, and I had to share. I truly believe that as we get older, we need to embrace stillness. I find comfort in being still. 

Here is to finding comfort in the stillness of your home. T



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