…While You Were Pretending to Be Dead (EastEnders) 

BovaryCee: Ian reminding Kathy that life continued while she pretended to be dead was hilarious. Continue reading

Whispering to Be Heard

A Writing Prompt

Them: Why are you whispering?

Me: I want you to hear me.

Them: But you’re whispering! How do you expect to be heard? Continue reading

Mary & Norris: My New Favorite Corrie Couple

Mary and Norris are my new favorite couple. They are so funny together!

Bethany: If these pictures are supposed to be from different points in the past few years, I could use makeup to help you look your age at the time.
Craig: Genius!Continue reading

Preacher: Come on Eileen (S2Ep1)

Tulip: This is such a bad song.

Cassidy: Shite…Come on Eileen

(Police sirens)

Jesse: It's up to you.

Tulip: Well, we're low on gas.

Jesse: Then don't do it then. (Tulip glances at Cassidy over her sunglasses.)

Cassidy: I love a car chase…

"Come on Eileen…"
Dexys Midnight Runners (1997)

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