I found a new binge-worthy show on the ID channel on SlingTVEvil Lives Here. When I am computer coding, I prefer to have the television shows as my background noise. I usually watch British crime or mystery shows. Lately I’ve started watching real life drama. I’ve already watched Fear Thy Neighbor. Afterward I started being more aware of my neighbors. Now, this show talks about living with people who have evil in their souls. The first episode of Season 2 talked about a young man who started hurting and trying to kill his siblings at an early age. The parents knew then their son “wasn’t right”. As a teacher, I’ve met kids that have been wired differently where they don’t have any amount of empathy for other humans 😳 …Anyway, back to the show.

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I sat down for a minute in between cleaning and look who showed up— Mozeley and Shinxley. I knew these weren’t their usual snack stares because I had just given them their treats. So, it must be their “pet me” stares. They look so intense you would think I never pay attention to them. 🙄

Mozeley and Shinxley happy to have me home. 🥰

There is nothing better than coming home on a rainy Friday after work than to see these two trying to share my close personal space. Mozeley keeps tapping me for pets and kisses. Shinxley lays behind me giving me a reminder head-butt to pay attention to her. I love my cat kids. 🥰

Happy Saturday!

I don’t know if it is the weather, but my cat kids have become more affectionate with me. Shinxley has started laying beside me on the couch more often. Mozeley almost climbed into my bra (and over Shinx) just to get his pets. It was the comfort I needed on this snowy day and for my sore leg. #Caturday

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