[Archive] This is American Racism 

It’s only been 52 years since Jim Crow intimidation was made illegal with the Voter’s Rights Act.

I got tired of reading the “This isn’t America” posts on Twitter. In fact, by the Saturday evening, I wanted to throw my computer across the room. We had just witnessed horrible acts of White Supremacist domestic terrorism, yet some people were acting as if racism dropped out the sky Friday morning. Continue reading “[Archive] This is American Racism “

Black History: Let’s Move Beyond the Famous 10

Many people have contributed to the growth of America past and present… It would be great progress if all of their stories could be told all year longIn fact, it would be wonderful if we could just refer to these stories as “American History…” Until then, we need these months to tell the stories left out of our country’s great historyT. Lanette Pollard

black history month dr. martin luther king, jr. monument in Washington DC

I have quite a few opinions about Black History month. I could talk about the fact that it is during the shortest month of the year. I could also talk about the fact that the same historical figures (the “Black History 10“) are presented during February.

Continue reading “Black History: Let’s Move Beyond the Famous 10”

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