Quote: The Pain of Letting Go

Henry Rollins Quote about the hurt you feel when you let go.

Hello, readers. It has been awhile since I posted. Work has been busy the last two weeks. At the end of the day, all I could do was look at the television (my British television shows) instead of the computer.  Now, I am full of energy and ready to write. (Funny that my first post would focus on sad feelings and the pain of letting go.)

The new year brings new hope and old feelings. I saved Henry Rollin’s quote on my Goodreads page in December. I liked it when I first read it. I came back to it this weekend as I sat at home pondering my future. 

Even if you have been comfortable with being single, you still have moments where the pain of failed relationships surrounds your day. As a twice-divorced woman of fabulous 47, I reflect on these moments often. Grieving is the most difficult emotion for humans because you experience raw emotions. 

Mr. Rollins’ quote sums up the pain perfectly. You have to acknowledge the pain to move forward. Here is to moving forward! Recognize the pain and let it guide you to make healthy decisions. His words will be my mantra for 2016. 

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