Palm Sunday: The Beginning of Something More

First palm cross to begin my journey as I become a member of the Catholic Church.

I grew up in a mixed-religion family. My dad grew up in a family who studied Judaism (known as Sephardic Jews) and my mom grew up in a Baptist family. By the time I came along, my dad said they were, “Churched out.” I grew up with a strong moral upbringing. It just did not include attending church every Sunday.

Palm Sunday palm cross on top of writing journal
First palm cross to begin my religious journey.
Actually, I only attended church with my nana on special days: Palm Sunday, revival days, and “show the grandbabies off days.” In fact, I did not know what the why there were palm fronds. I remember arguing with my cousins to get the largest palm frond. (Well, that goes against the sacrifice that was made by Jesus Christ. As a kid, I did not know.) I did attend our family churches on special occasions as an adult. However, I never felt a religious connection.

I started going to a Catholic church nearby a few years ago with my second ex-husband (he was Nigerian). While dealing with my second divorce, I listened to the advice of a coworker. She said, “Sometimes you need something to hang onto.” I had been through therapy from 1999 to 2009+. I got the coping skills I needed for my depression. After my second divorce (I was single for 10 years before I married again. Really!!), I understood that I also needed more. 

Well, I am starting my journey towards more. After Easter Sunday, I will begin my journey towards becoming a member of the Catholic Church. I know the history, I know the guidelines. I am comfortable there even with my divorces, use of contraception, and tattoos (don’t think tattoos are an issue). In this moment, at this time in my life, the word I receive is my “something to hang onto.” When you have been beaten down (even if as a result of your choices), you need a light of forgiveness

I hope you hang with me as I travel this path of something more that leads to forgiveness. 




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