ReBlog: 6 Perfect Spring Cocktails! ft. Diva Named Dom

You know how licking the batter when you’re baking means you can get salmonella? Licking the batter while making cocktails means you just get drunk. Someone drunk trying to get measurements right? We can all see how that didn’t work. Mia’s Mojitos were just big nos.

via 6 Perfect Spring Cocktails! ft. Diva Named Dom

Blueberry Lavender Sangria in a pitcher with ice cubes and whole blueberriesI love Mia’s honesty! Even though her Mojito recipe didn’t make the list, these other cocktails look?? fabulous! I may have to pretend this NJ weather is warmer and start trying these cocktails. Mia

First on my list is the Blueberry Lavender Sangria from Kayleigh at

Who knew you could combine blueberries and lavender with sangria? I’m already feeling relaxed just thinking about this recipe. This cocktail recipe uses a lavender syrup made from lavender extract and lavender sugar. She then adds fresh blueberries and prosecco. The sangria takes about 10 minutes to make a 4-ounce glass. I’m sure it doesn’t take much longer to make the pitcher.

The other cocktails looked just as delicious. But… That sangria looks too refreshing to pass up. Make sure you stop by Mia’s website and Kayleigh’s website for the recipes. Enjoy!

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