Sukeve Chronicles: EastEnders 10.03.2022

Eve and Suki have that connection. #Sukeve


It’s been awhile since I’ve seen romance happen on EastEnders. I’m talking about good slow-burn, “We’re going to take a long minute” romance. It’s so easy to become jaded after failed relationships and dating. It takes a true deep romance to change your point of view. We never see that part in soaps. (Well, not often.) That’s the connection we need to see.

Eve and Suki have that connection. They are showing us how a slow-burn romance should be. I can relate to their romance, their growing relationship, as a heterosexual. I can also be mindful of the challenges Suki is facing coming out at this point in her life. Then again it’s just Suki realizing that it’s okay to live her true life. So, of course that should be relatable.

It was touching watching Eve admit that she was falling in love with Suki. I know we’ll get that moment when Suki admits that she’s falling in love with Eve.

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