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Linda, Mick, & The Great Unknown


It’s been almost 1.5 weeks, and we still don’t know what Linda’s (Kellie Bright) is keeping from Mick (Danny Dyer).

The last time we saw Linda, she was hugging her mom and crying.

Ms. Elaine (Maria Friedman), looks totally rejuvenated after her “stroke.” Who walks on heels like that after having a stroke? I know it’s a Soap, but Elaine’s balance is super human.

Linda actually left their bed in the middle of the night to go to her mom. She told Mick her mom had fell. (Well, obviously that didn’t happen.) Instead, the episode ended with Elaine having an intimate party, and Linda crying in her arms.

So, we are now waiting for Linda to reveal this secret she has been keeping from Mick. Linda could be ill, or she might know about Mick and Whitney. I truly don’t think Linda had an affair with Woody. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he already knew Linda’s secret (another reason for Mick to dislike him).

I’m hoping this reveal will happen within the next week, or at least before my summer break ends in September.

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