Sharon Mitchell: Alone (EastEnders)

Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) doesn’t know when she has a good thing! She has all the money she could ask for–money for her home, her extensions, her nails– lifestyle money! She has a husband, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who loves her and keeps her in that lifestyle. So, why mess it up by sleeping and getting her “Freak On” with 19-year old Keanu Mitchell (Danny Walters)? Instead of thinking about who Sharon should be with, I think we should see Mrs. Mitchell spend some hard time alone

From Phil to Alone…

Sharon has been catered to by the men in her life from her father Den Watts to Phil. Even during her tumultuous marriage to Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp), there were some positive moments between the domestic violence. One thing is certain, Sharon has never been without a man for too long. I would love to see that change. Think about the storyline options this could bring for Sharon. 

We know that Mrs. Mitchell needs a dose of reality and humility. Phil is the one to serve her that bitter pill. He needs to throw her out with NOTHING except for her clothes, her nails, and her extensions. He should pull one of his “Mitchell Tricks” and have Sharon sign away her rights to any money (unknowingly of course). He could even take the club or sell it without her knowledge. 

Can you imagine the look on Sharon’s face when Phil tells her to, “Get out of his house!” Then while she’s on the street to say, “I also sold the club.” If you think her faces with Keanu were gold, her faces after Phil’s announcement would be magic!


That would be awesome! Then add Denny Rickman (Bleu Landau) into the picture.  He already feels a certain way about his mom. Denny could opt to stay with Phil instead of moving in with her. The storyline fallout would be amazing. Sharon Mitchell would have no money and no son. 

Imagine, a broke and devastated Sharon Mitchell sitting on Arthur Fowler’s Bench wondering what to do next. We’d see her tears streaming down her face as she looked longingly at E20, her home, and the Vic. Then, to make it worse, Phil could have let everyone in Albert Square know that Sharon had been sleeping with Keanu. (Assuming Sharon hasn’t shared that information with Linda or anyone else.)

We could see Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) turning against Sharon after learning about the affair. (Keanu is not much younger than Johnny.) Linda could tell Sharon she couldn’t stay at the Vic. Would Sharon humble herself enough to go stay with Phil’s ex-wife Kathy Beale (Gillian Tayforth) and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt)? Remember it was during Kathy’s engagement party to Phil that she found out about Sharon and Phil’s affair. Imagine the feelings this would bring up for Kathy. Would she side with Phil or help Sharon?

I know this is wishful thinking. However, I was told that Kate Oates coming to EastEnders was “wishful thinking.” Look how that turned out… Anyway, this would be a wonderful direction for Sharon’s next storyline. If anyone could craft this story well, it would be under Oates’s direction. Dean would be phenomenal showing the emotional upheaval and the new-found strength as Sharon Mitchell struggles to fix her life. The storyline would help Sharon develop new friendships and partnerships. 

Sharon’s affair with Keanu has to lead to a better payoff than his broken heart and hurt tears. I think that will only happen if Sharon Mitchell spend some time alone

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